Carmen 101 - ad inferias
Carmen 102 - ad Cornelium Nepotem
Carmen 103 - ad Silonem
Carmen 104
Carmen 105 - ad Mentulam
Carmen 106
Carmen 107 - ad Lesbiam
If anything happened to one who is desirous and hopeful, yet unexpecting,
this is especially pleasing to the soul.
Therefore, this is pleasing, and dearer than gold to me,
because you, Lesbia, have restored yourself to desirous me.
You restore yourself to desirous, unexpecting me, you return yourself
to me. O, light of a fairer mark!
Who lives more happily than I alone, or who will be able
to say that these things are to be hoped for more than this life?
Carmen 108 - ad Cominium
Carmen 109 - ad Lesbiam
Carmen 110 - ad Aufilenam
Carmen 111 - ad Aufilenam
Carmen 112 - ad Nasonem
Carmen 113 - ad Gaium Heluium Cinnam
Carmen 114 - ad Mentulam
Carmen 115 - ad Mentulam
Carmen 116 - ad Gellium